Practicing the
Art & Science
of Beauty

Medical Services

We are a non-surgical medspa providing a full menu of cosmetic medical services. We practice
Regenerative Skincare, meaning we use tools and techniques which encourage your body to regenerate and restore itself as a primary source of enhancement. Beauty really is inside out. When you make your first consultative appointment a Registered Nurse will talk with you about your goals and the condition of your skin – face and body – and make recommendations. Together we will construct a plan for radiant and vibrant skin.

IV Wellness Cocktails

IV infused  Micro and Macro-nutrients are absorbed at nearly 100% vs. about 30-50% via the gut, so when you are looking for more efficient delivery and faster results, IV is the way to go. We believe anyone who dislikes taking a handful of oral supplements is a candidate for an IV Cocktail.  With higher absorption rates and higher doses available, it is a cost effective, time effective, response effective avenue to improved overall health and daily living performance, as well as athletic performance and recovery.

Aesthetics Services

All Aesthetic Services are customized to the individual and to the condition of your skin on this particular day. We use SkinCeuticals and Physician’s Choice of Arizona (PCA) medical grade skin care products in our backbar armamentarium of ingredients as well as Organic Infusions US blended essential oils and UMA Oil blended essential oils from India. Your treatment will be like no other and will include skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, extractions if necessary, masking, dermaplaning, and massage of your face, neck, decollete’, and hand and arm.


We are very fussy about the skincare product lines that make it to our shelves for your purchase. Proven Science is the name of the game along with clean ingredients. We put the line through a practical test of “does this work”, and an analysis of the ingredient list. If there are too many ingredients that are on the “DO NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR SKIN LIST” we will not entertain the product. We will also not carry a product line for which the ingredient list is not available. If you have questions about a product line, we are happy to help you sort out the
quality of the line and check the ingredient list with you.

About Nouveau Med Spa

Nouveau, A Boutique Medspa is located in Kirkwood Missouri, known for loyal clients whom we call friends and family. These loyal clients come from Kirkwood, Chesterfield, Wildwood, Illinois, all over the St. Louis region, South Carolina, Texas, New York, and Minnesota.