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Wellness and Beauty Go Hand-in-Hand!

We are offering:

  1. Myer’s Cocktail for an overall health reboot 
  2. Immune-system Cocktail:  A Myer’s cocktail plus zinc, Selenium, and extra vitamin C
  3. Anti-Aging:  A Myer’s cocktial plus Glutathione, Biotin, and CoQ10
  4. Recovery:  Great for jet lag and holiday hangover!

Improve your health.  Relieve Holiday and other stress.  Prevent illness.  BEAUTIFY.

$99 one time.  One per customer.  Any cocktail

Sharpen Your Image with cheeks, Jawlines, and Chins!

Buy 2 Radiesse for $900. 

Regular Price $1200

Plump Those cheeks and Lips!

  1.  Buy any 2 Restylane products and get $75 FREE Dysport.
  2. Buy 1 Radiesse for cheeks and 1 Restylane for lips and get dermaplaning FREE with a hydrating facial.

Pearls, Pumps, PEELS, and Prosecco!

Enjoy a glass of prosecco and get a single Holiday PCA peel for $100.

Reg. price $125.00

One Size Fits All!

Give the gift of a Nouveau gift card!


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