Lauren Niewoehner

Lauren Niewoehner, BA in Business, L.E.

20 plus years in Business, Marketing, and Environmental Science, Lauren started her career as an Environmental Consultant to many Fortune 500 companies including hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers on the best practices of managing their chemicals safely. Always conscientious about the environment and the effects on our personal well-being, Lauren decided to hang up her hardhat and re-direct her passions toward skincare and wellness. Lauren has an extensive education in skincare products and application techniques combined with advanced medical grade products and treatments that address skin conditions and aging concerns.

Lauren serves as an advisor to the Skin Institute Esthetic School providing guidance on Curriculum and Continuing Education for professionals.

Lauren develops and produces product education materials for the media, and contributes to skincare articles in local and national publications.

Lauren believes in beauty that evolves from the practice of mindfulness for the whole body. She is passionate about Yoga and Pilates, loves to travel….. and shop in Kirkwood and abroad!